Most of the time Making Meaning is me, Libby Kostromin

I consult directly to small, medium and large for-profit, not-for profit and government organisations.

I also take on interesting sub-contract assignments through collaboration with corporate educators, universities and other consulting firms.

Some of the time, Making Meaning is more than me.

For larger projects I partner with one or more trusted colleagues who have complementary expertise. Like Greg Evans, whose website is here.

The Making Meaning network is broad, flexible and robust. Project teams are built to suit, and can include team members from within your organisation to enable coaching and skills transfer.

About Libby

I'm interested in why people do what they do, and how they go about it. In how we spend our energy, as well as our time.

For me, 'making meaning' is about making sense of our place, and our work, in the world.

During more than twenty years in people development, I’ve held a range of specialist and management roles, and have now been consulting, as Making Meaning, since 2002.

This experience, coupled with graduate and post-graduate qualifications in philosophy, politics, instructional design, writing, and organisational change and consulting, sees me well-equipped for a variety of projects.

I especially enjoy working with authentic, courageous, open-minded souls who share my desire to integrate work and spirit; to make a life, not just a living.

A recent Strengthscope profile identified my seven key strengths as: creativity, critical thinking, efficiency, empathy, enthusiasm, persuasiveness and strategic-mindedness.

Please contact me for a current CV.

Making Meaning is a small, adventurous, organisational development consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.