At Making Meaning, we consult across the following areas:

Work Designtop

Role clarity is essential to organisational harmony and success.

Work Design involves determining the way work is organised and performed, in the context of the organisation. This includes identifying:

  • the work to be done
  • how the work will be done
  • why the work is necessary (how it contributes to the achievement of organisational goals)
  • the capabilities or competencies required by those who do the work.

Making Meaning can scope, advise, manage and/or conduct work design activities as part of a larger initiative, or as an independent project.

We are experienced at developing competency standards for industry and enterprise levels.

Instructional Designtop

Instructional Design is about creating the conditions that are most conducive to learning.

It’s about orchestrating information and experiences for an identified group of learners by understanding who those people are, what they need to learn, and how to make their learning possible in the most effective and efficient way.

At Making Meaning we a combine a practical understanding of adult learning theories with a strategic, creative and collaborative approach. We design:

  • one-off events or experiences
  • modularised programmes and curricula
  • learning and development frameworks for an organisation or entire industry.

Projects usually involve five phases that are scaled to suit:

Analysis Design Development Implementation and Evaluation

Making Meaning can scope, advise, manage and/or conduct work in any or all of the phases according to your requirements.

Leadership Developmenttop

Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you. ― Peter F. Drucker

The most important ingredient for organisational prosperity is effective leadership. And yet, despite the plethora of books and leadership programmes available, admirable leaders are rare. About as rare as courage, integrity, authenticity and humility. All of which can be learned.

The need for leadership development may arise out of a variety of organisational situations. As with any other change initiative, it is vital to determine upfront what needs to be different and why, before proceeding to design a suitable development approach.

Making Meaning specialises in the design, delivery and facilitation of innovative, engaging leadership development programmes that target identified needs and provide highly experiential, psychodynamically-oriented activities to challenge participants’ awareness of self and organisation in authentic and transformative ways.

As appropriate, we also develop:

  • leadership capabilities, competencies or behaviours
  • pre-programme assessment processes and tools
  • evaluation processes and tools.

Organisational Changetop

Things do not change, we do. ― Henry David Thoreau

Organisational change is made possible, and impossible, by people. And people are not commodities, resources or capital; we are human beings.

Make change possible by:

  • Telling the truth
  • Involving your people in the change process
  • Leading the way (being the first to change)

We can help.

We help develop people, individually and collectively, so that your organisation can adapt and thrive.